Bright Forensics

bright forensics to aid criminal investigations.


Bright Forensics was set up to protect companies and aid criminal investigations.


Lymington, UK


Project Description: Provide customer with design concepts in Photoshop based on meetings and discussions.  Homepage should highlight their relationship with BlackBag Technologies Inc. Several design variations provided leading to a final version.
Install WordPress along with required functionality. Build templates based on the signed off designs and construct site navigation based on the combination of existing customer site and new content areas.
Functionality included:  Breadcrumb / Twitter feed on footer / Setup SEO plugin with correct settings / Setup basic contact form with CAPTCHA

Objective: Provide a visually appealing design that provides good usability and can expand if and when training and booking events is needed. Modern, clean design in a similar vein to and

bright forensics to aid criminal investigations.

Tools used: Photoshop and WordPress

Photoshop  wordpress 3 used

Budget: Medium

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